Years 3 & 4

Term 4 2020 34 Newsletter

OVERVIEW: Term 4, 2020


Year 3/4 students will begin the term with the Inquiry focus of how the Earth’s surface changes over time, as a result of natural processes and human activity. The major focus will be on the human interaction that effects the environment. We will then move into Civic and Citizenship with a major focus on how people participate within communities and cultural and social groups.


Both our inquiry topics will link to our literacy book of the term and although the language and illustrations in the book are easy for younger readers to engage with, there are hidden depths that will intrigue and challenge more capable readers, through the symbolism of the ducks as human refugees.



Our literacy book of the term is ‘Refugees’ by David Miller. This book relates to the adventures of a pair of wild blue-billed ducks whose home is destroyed due to human interference. The dangerous journey they undertake seems doomed for failure as they try unsuccessfully to settle in different environments, including an ocean, a busy river port and a swamp where duck shooting is allowed. They are close to exhaustion when the intervention of an unknown person changes their fate. After unpacking this wonderful book the children will use this inspiration to create an information report on endangered animals and create letters around environmental issues that affect their animal.





Mathematics will focus on Fractions, Decimals, Shape and Time, including the four operation. We will link these topics to area and angles and set as real life problems. As always, all of these concepts will be taught using concrete materials, once we return to school, and incorporate a mixture of videos and small group conferences during our WebEx sessions.