School Council

Government schools in Victoria are responsible for their educational programs within the Department of Education (DET), policies and guidelines. Each school is governed by a School Council. Parents are elected to Council by the community and hold their position for two years. Elections are held in March each year. The position of President is held by a parent.


Meetings Of the Council are held on the third Wednesday of each month during the school year. These are open for anyone to attend.


We hope that you will take an active role by joining the School Council or one of its many subcommittees and that your association with the school will be enjoyable and rewarding for both you and your child.


We depend on parents to maintain neat, pleasant and tidy grounds and environment for the children. Please be part of the working bees advertised in the school newsletter.


2024 School Council Members


President Rachael Franks Community Member
Vice President Karen Gibbs

Parent Member

Treasurer Breigh DeWolf Parent Member
Assistant Treasurer Jacquie Schneider

DET Member

Secretary Georgia Farley Parent Member
Assistant Secretary Fiona Warden DET Member
  Sam Cooke DET Member
  Chris Davies DET Member
  Danielle Goldsmith DET Member
  Jess Opie Parent Member
  Hopi Palmer Parent Member
  Chloe Baxter Parent Member



Sub-committees of the school council are:

  • Resource Management
  • Finance
  • Policy
  • Community and Well-Being

Terms of Reference – K.P.S. School Council Sub-Committees


Resource Management

  • To be responsible for the safety and adequate maintenance of facilities, playground equipment and overall physical environment.
  • To collate information and analyse issues regarding maintenance and improvements of the school’s buildings, facilities and physical environment.
  • To prioritise needs and draft a plan to contribute to the Whole School Premises Development Plan.
  • Report to School Council with options to consider or clear action recommendations.


  • To coordinate the collation of annual and capital expenditure budget recommendations and the financing options to support them.
  • To monitor budget performance.
  • To ensure financial reports required by the DET, School Council and other relevant bodies are presented as required.


  • Identify policy needs and document school policies in a standard format.
  • Recommend priorities for policy development and review.
  • Recommend and monitor processes for ensuring parent, teacher and community participation; utilising outside agencies where appropriate.
  • Recommend action plans for the development and review of policies and resultant programs.
  • Ensure school policies are made known throughout the school community.
  • Ensure data required by DET is included in the Annual School Report and Triennial review documents.
  • Contribute to the Charter writing process and monitor the Charter implementation process.
  • Report to School Council on policy status, and Charter implementation progress and make recommendations for action.

Community and Wellbeing

  • To promote the school to both the local and wider community
  • To organise events for students, families and the wider community
  • To contribute to the well-being of the students, staff and other members of the school community.
  • To assist in building the participation of parents in the life of the school.
  • To raise funds for the benefit of all students




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