Years P, 1 & 2

P1 Term 4 newsletter

12A Term 4 newsletter

OVERVIEW: Term 4, 2020



For Reading this term we are focusing on our decoding strategies. Using the pictures, sounding out, skipping the word and coming back and back up and reread. 


We are also focusing on answering questions about the book we have read and trickier questions that are inferred from the text. We are looking forward to investigating more spelling with our SMART spelling program. 



In the area of Writing we are taking a dive into the world of dinosaurs! We will be focusing on creating information texts about some of our favourite dino’s. We will also take a look at writing letters towards the end of Term 4; keep an eye on your letter boxes for a sneaky surprise.



In Mathematics we are going to begin looking at mapping and changes and movements in shapes. Next we will look at patterns including repeated addition. Then we will visit chance and data. Focusing on completing surveys, collecting data and creating graphs from the data. Finally we will have a look at financial maths; identify coins and notes and recognise situations where we use money. 


Inquiry topics this term include our dive into dinosaurs and an investigation of our local area by the sea.