Years P, 1 & 2

P1A and P1B Term 1, 2021 newsletter

12A Term 1, 2021 newsletter

OVERVIEW: Term 1, 2021


We are using the Daily 5 and CAFÉ program framework for developing our literacy skills this year. The Daily 5 program allows every student to develop their reading, writing, spelling, speaking and listening skills in every literacy lesson. The five elements of this framework include:
 Read to self
 Read to someone
 Listen to reading
 Work on writing
 Word work

We will also be creating personalised reading and writing goals for every student. This will ensure that every student’s specific learning needs are being met and encourages independence.
First off though of course, we are learning to recognise all letters and sounds.



We are using the Karingal K4 model for our Numeracy lessons this year. In the junior school we believe it is essential to our Numeracy teaching and students learning and exploration to use hands on materials; so in our lessons you will see counters, teddy bears, number lines, flash cards, games, dice and lots more!
What our lessons will look like:
 Number fluency—quick games to warm up our thinking.
 Launch—discussion and modelling of our concept we are learning about.
 Discovery—where the real learning happens—exploring the concept.

 Summary—sharing our thoughts and ideas and modelling some of our work together.


This term we are learning to make numbers, recognise them, put them in order, learn the days of the week, the seasons, beginning to tell the time, explore number patterns and locate numbers on a number line.