Reporting Program

A curriculum information evening will be held early in Term 1 for each year level to explain some of the educational programs which will be undertaken throughout the year and appropriate ways to support your child’s learning.


A mid year written report for each child is provided along with an opportunity to meet the class teacher who will discuss your child’s progress with you. Watch the Newsletter for mid-year reporting arrangements.

A written report for each child is also provided in December.


The reporting to parents schedule operating in the school for Prep to Grade 6 is as follows:


Term 1

Parent information evenings will be held in February

Information regarding the current years curriculum will distributed on this evening

Mid Year

Written Reports are sent home.

Term 3

Student led conferences at which the written report is discussed.

End of Year

Written Reports are sent home.


On-going policy

Parents are welcome to arrange an interview at a mutually convenient time with class teacher or a specialist teacher, at any time during the year, to discuss any concern or aspect of their children’s schooling.


Similarly, teachers may seek your cooperation in attending an interview to discuss any matter of concern.