Years 5 & 6

Term 2 2021 56A Newsletter

Term 2 2021 56B Newsletter

OVERVIEW: Term 2, 2021  


The first half of the term the students are studying  Business and Economics, where the students will be creating and planning a small fair ground game in a group of two or three. They will need to plan the activity, assess the needs and w

Economics Clipart

ants of the consumer, the cost of a win or a loss for them as a business, how to compete with all the other games at the fair and finally evaluate their performance and make changes to their business approach. This inquiry topic ties in very nicely with day to day Mathematics. For example, money, calculating change, discounts using percentages and  budgeting.


The second half of term we will be completing the Growing and Knowing unit which will focus on how student bodies will change during puberty, how to manage the transition associated with puberty and personal hygiene.

comprehension clipart - Clip Art LibraryWe begin the term with a major focus on comprehension in preparation for NAPLAN. The major areas of focus will be Main Idea, Making Predictions, Inferring, Fact and Opinion and Summarising. Students will have their Individual Learning Goals set and have sessions each week to practice and develop their personal skills.


Using our Inquiry topic of Business and Economics, students will be linking their persuasive writing skills to their project work. They will be researching advertisements, emotive language, alliteration, poetry and slogans and developing their oral language skills to sell their business.



The major focus for Term 2 is to build on the learning of Term 1 and apply that learning across other areas of the Maths curriculum. There will be a lot of measurement and converting between units of measurement, fractions and decimals, time including calendars and timetables, angles and shape.  Worded problems, multistep problems and problem solving skills will also be taught, with our Booster Group focus on Addition and Subtraction.



OVERVIEW: Term 1, 2021


In the 5/6 area we have begun the year with a major focus on getting to know each other, studying our school values an

d living by our classroom agreement, “Respectful in every way.” In the second half of the term our Inquiry focus will be “Australia as a Nation” and students will work through where, why and when colonisation took place, Federation and looking into the constitution.




Our literacy focus for the term is using the CAFÉ and Daily 5 model to allow students to work independently, in small focus groups and have choice over their individual learning goals. With NAPLAN in Term 2, we will focus our writing genre around Narrative and Persuasive texts to allow students familiarity and feel more comfortable completing the testing process.


Mathematics has the major focus of place value and number manipulation. Students will take these skills and link new learning to patterns and algebra, measurement and the four operations.