Years 5 & 6

Term 3 Overview




In Inquiry in Term 3, Grade 5 and 6 will be delving into Australia and its history. We will focus on investigating the beginning’s of Australia from acknowledging our traditional owners of the land, our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their history to the forming of Australia as a nation.


We will look from different perspectives to ask questions, compare and contrast between what it was like for different groups of people at the beginning of The Commonwealth of Australia. We will also look into our Government structures, focusing on Federal, State and local governments and their roles in shaping our country.  


In our unit on Earth and Space Science we will focus on Earth as a changing  planet.

We will look into how our choices impact on Earth and the history of Humans and their impact on the Earth.





In our Reading unit, we are diving into a novel study of the book Holes by Louis Sachar. Within the text we will be focusing on language features used, characters and their connections to other characters, answering questions about the text, developing our ability to create summaries of the text and reading the text aloud using intonation, phrasing and punctuation.


In Writing, we will be focusing on developing our ability to incorporate language features such as irony, imagery, similes, alliterations and metaphors into our writing. We will hone our ability to utilise the 5 by 4 and 5 by 7 narrative writing structure. We will explore varying sentence lengths within our writing to create interest through the use of simple, compound and complex sentences.


In Speaking and Listening, we will focus on our ability to successfully contribute to whole class discussions and work collaboratively within small groups. Within our focus on Australia as a nation we will recreate the trial of Ned Kelly and utilise formal language registers of the time.





In Numeracy this term, 5-6’s will be beginning the term with focusing on identifying the features of 3D shapes including vertices, faces, edges, width, length and height, this will tie in later in the term when we explore measuring the area and perimeter of 2D and 3D shapes.


We will explore division after we had a large focus on this during Term 2. We will be able to identify division as the inverse operation of multiplication and complete division problems that involve carrying and remainders. We will also explore using appropriate digital technologies to assist us in solving problems that involve all four operations.


Later in Term 3 we will investigate fractions and solving problems that involve addition and subtraction of fractions that involve the same or related denominators.


To tie in with our very exciting City Camp at the end of term we will explore mapping, directions and timetables to aid us in exploring the city during our visit.

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