Inquiry Units of Learning

At Karingal Primary School, we focus on Inquiry Learning for our themed topics.

Inquiry Learning is NOT about memorizing facts.

Inquiry Learning is about forming questions and finding appropriate resolutions to questions and ideas.

This engages students in active learning.

Years Prep, 1 and 2
Term 1:
 Aspiring to RIPRRness and Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Term 2: Writing is Magical and Sounds Sensational
Term 3:
Weather in my World
Term 4:
Living Things and Inventions

Years 3 and 4
Term 1: 
Aspiring to RIPRRness and What's the Matter?
Term 2: Decisions, Rules and Laws and Heating Up!
Term 3:
Our Place in Space
Term 4:
Friends or Foes? and First Contacts

Years 5 and 6
Term 1: 
Aspiring to RIPRRness and The Science of Chemstry
Term 2: Consumer Choices and it's Electrifying!
Term 3:
Earth's Changing Planet
Term 4:
Marvellous Microrganisms and Australia as a Nation

2019 Inquiry Units Foundation, Years 1 and 2
2019 Inquiry Units Years 3 and 4
2019 Inquiry Units Years 5 and 6