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"The 5/6 students have done an amazing job on creating their Poetry books so far!

Have a look below for a sneak peek of their incredible work…
They certainly are wonderful poets!"


Ky's Poetry Book

Mitchell's Poetry Book

Sammy's Poetry Book

Evie's Poetry Book

Taylor's Poetry Book


An Alphabet Poem: The African Animal Dance Off by Sammy


All African Animals,

Baboons and monkeys too-                                                 

Carnivores and herbivores,

Dangerous ones say "Boo!"


"Each and every one of you,

Find a partner to dance.

Giraffes, I'll leave you out -

Hand in hand, let's sing and prance!"


Impalas do some break dancing-

"Jolly well," I must say.

"Kick your feet now!

Let's move to the beat, and go Hip...Hip...HOORAY!"


"My, oh my! There are some moves out here-

Now, now, who was next?

Oh yes! It's the lion,"

Pow! Pow! Pow! His moves are surely the best!


"Queen of the jungle! Look at the moves this way!"

Rhino is doing ballet- and the

Snakes are ever so funny- doing the ‘nae nae!’

Too much fun it would seem, to have a nice disco party.


"Uh, oh! Look out everybody! Someone with sass is right here"

Vulture slides to the dance floor, and the solemness disappears!

Who would've thought that just a small bird, from

X-A had so many peers?


Yet there is still one more to come- suppose he is the best?

Zebra does some very good tap and is better than the rest!