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OVERVIEW: Term 4, 2020

Welcome to Term 4.  We are excited about our plans for being back in class. We will continue with individual and small group presentations with our beautiful Montessori materials throughout the term. Concrete materials, such as the Racks & Tubes, Golden Beads, or the Grammar Boxes, will allow the students to independently explore both mathematical and literacy concepts back in our classrooms.


We will be studying “Our Country Australia” and “Australia and its Neighbours” over the coming weeks. This will link into with our Maths studies with the focus on mapping and other geographical data. Students will use a grid reference system to describe locations, as well as describe routes using landmarks and directional language.

In our Montessori classrooms this term our students will be immersed in our cosmic educational studies, exploring the interconnectedness between the natural and human environments. As Spring moves into Summer, we will be exploring the Plant Kingdom: from our youngest students learning about the parts of the plant and their functions, up to the oldest children exploring the classification of plants based on their own examinations.


We shall also be exploring how the sun’s rays interact with the earth, the properties of light and how the study of light, over time, led to the telling of time.

Bounce Back is back! We will focus on Humour: examining how humour can help us cope in hard times, as well as with supporting others. As a community we will discuss the differentiation between humour that helps and humour that harms, stereotypes, trivialises or denies. One example of this will be participating with classmates in humorous activities through Giggle Gym sessions (brief daily humorous activities that can be used as a stress break in class).