Years 2, 3 & 4

12A Term 1 2021 Newsletter

23A Term 1 2021 Newsletter

OVERVIEW: Term 1, 2021


To begin the term we have been focusing on our RIPRR values. Respect, Integrity, Persistence, Resilience and Relationships. We talk about what these values mean, how to display them and why they are important. During these sessions we also focus a lot on getting to know each other and building a friendly and safe environment for all.


For the second half of the term our Inquiry topic will be ‘Family and Traditions’ as well as ‘Community, Remembrance and Celebrations’.




This term we have already begun re-introducing students to the routines and structure of Daily 5. The Daily 5 is a literacy structure that teaches independ-ence and gives children the skills needed for reading and writing. This term, we will continue to work on children’s decoding of words and fluency when read-ing. The comprehension skills we will be focusing on are sequencing, finding the main idea and recalling facts and details.


In writing we will be working on recounts, persuasive texts and narratives. In addition to these main class focus strategies, children will also set personal learning goals to work towards.





In Numeracy this term, our major focus will be on place value. Students will use hands on materials in order to gain an understanding of the value of digits in numbers. They will also be learning about calendars and dates as well as data repre-sentation and interpretation.