Parent Education and Involvement

The parent of a Montessori student will have an opportunity to be involved in the Montessori program. Parents learn more about Montessori by: Attending orientation meetings to explain the program.

Attending meetings where the unique aspects of a particular classroom as well as the specifics of Montessori curriculum are presented.


Attending open houses where the children, as the host / hostess to their parents and siblings, present their favorite activities.


Attending parent discussions groups dealing with aspects of child rearing, home environment, and child psychology.


Observing the class and discussing any observations with their child's teacher. Receiving a regularly published newsletter which includes a calendar of events information on major developments at the school, books reviews, and a list of needs and requests for help.


In addition to Parent Education, which is designed primarily to orient the new parent and keep the returning parent informed, parents may form Parent Associations which coordinate volunteer activities, plan and carry out fundraising programs, and lend support to school staff.