Helping the Homeless

A grade 3 student didn't want anything for his birthday in 2023. Instead, his wish was for people to donate goods to help Frankston's homeless and less fortunate residents (apparently, we have over 800 just in Frankston and surrounds).


In August this student said to his mum, "Mum, can we take blankets to the homeless as it's freezing".  Mum said "Sure".


And that's how it started. 


The AMAZING Community of Karingal Primary School rallied to help fulfill this young boy's wish to help as many people as he could during the cold winter.


Now, it's that time of year when everyone is jolly and spending tons of money on more often than not unwanted gifts. Well, this student is still supporting the homeless and is collecting to so that the local homeless can have something nice for Christmas.  


**ALL photos taken and shared with permission**

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