Karingal Primary School implements the Daily 5 and CAFE reading strategies as the Differentiated Instruction Method for the teaching of reading. This approach allows student choice whilst providing students with authentic tasks, encouraging independent learning behaviours.

The Daily 5 is a structure for learning. It has 5 components that can be taught daily: 1) read to self, 2) read to someone, 3) listen to reading, 4) word work, and 5) writing.

The CAFE Literacy System ensures that students master reading skills through a set of strategies. Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, and Expanding Vocabulary are the reading skills that are focused on.

Explicit reading strategies are taught through the Daily 5 model, modelled, shared and guided reading. Throughout these sessions students are provided the opportunity to conference with their teacher, assess their reading progress and identify and set their reading goals.


Writing is taught through an explicit teaching approach at Karingal Primary School. 

This incorporates a range of approaches focusing on whole class, small group and individual needs. Our writing program uses elements of VCOP and Seven Steps, alongside our school based structure of 5x4 (5 paragraphs 4 sentences).

Our aim is to highlight the magic of writing, developing enthusiam and challenge in the writing process.

Speaking and Listening
Oral language sets the foundation for the reading and writing skills that students develop as they progress through school. Through the use of games, turn and talk and various oral language activities our students are given the opportunity to practice respectful dialogue and active listening. Our students are encouraged to reason together, collaborate and build their understandings.