Karingal News 21/07/23


Principal (Acting) News - Friday 21st July, 2023

Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome to Term 3. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with many adventures or stayed inside out of the cold!

Once again, we have had a lovely start to the term. Students have settled very quickly back into routines and continuing with their learning.

Icypoles are back!
There was a long line of students waiting to purchase their icy poles last week. Even in the freezing cold and windy conditions, students braved the sour Zooper Doopers and enjoyed them very much. Icypoles will be on sale every Friday lunchtime for $1.

Smile Squad
Smile Squad have commenced their dental checks on our students. The Smile Squad van will be leaving next week. Please make sure you have given permission for your child/ren to attend. This is a FREE service.

100 Days of Prep
On Monday 31st July, Karingal Primary School will join in the celebrations with our Prep students who have completed 100 days of learning. An outstanding achievement from our Prep students.

Enrolment for 2024
It is time to return your Prep 2024 Placement Forms to the office. If you have a child (or know of a child) beginning school at Karingal PS in 2024, please return your placement form as soon as possible. Confirmation of enrolment along with enrolment forms will be going home very soon. If you have any questions, please contact the office on 9788 4800. 

Prep 2024 Transition
Our Prep Transition program for 2024 prep students started on Wednesday. Seeing so many new faces ready to start 'big school' was very exciting. Our transition program runs every second Wednesday for the remainder of this term.

Take care
Samantha Cooke
Principal (Acting)


CONGRATULATIONS to the following students who received 'Academic Endeavour' awards for Semester 1. These students were chosen as a result of the effort they have put into their learning and the results they have achieved because of this.

PA: Avah B
P1A: Gemma D
12A: Ruby Z
34A: Harlee W
34B: Max G
56A: Chrissy A
56B: Nerideine M
M12: Annabelle S
M23: Morrison W
M3A: Tristan H


CONGRATULATIONS to 10 students who were here EVERY DAY in Terms 1 and 2.
What an AMAZING effort.

  • Henry G (PA)
  • Amelia S (PA)
  • Juliana Mae M (12A)
  • Pippa F (34A)
  • Aleena S (34A)
  • Kimberly A (34B)
  • Lockly A (56A)
  • Bentleigh M (56A)
  • Chrissy A (56A)
  • River P (M3A)
The following students attended EVERY DAY in Term 1:
PA: Savy B, Marcus J, Thomas K, Lincoln P, Izaiah R, Alia S
P1A: Hina W, Noah J, Ashley S, Charlie S
12A: Dustin S, Henry H, Lily S
34A: Alicia S, Harlee W, Nathaniel W
34B: Axel G, Billie M
M12: Fletcher B, Emily M
M23: Morrison W
M3A: Joshua B

The following students attended EVERY DAY in Term 2:
PA: Max M, Evie S
P1A: Izy W, 
12A: Robbie B, Sophie C
34A: Eliana W
34B: Jess F, Rosa B, Cohen C, Stella J, Charlee M
56A: Jade B, Zarah S, Marlee S, Mia B
56B: Lucy B, Terry M, Max B, Jazmin K
M12: Sebastian B, Sonny J, Eli S
M23: Ivy B, Bentleigh B, Dillan N
M3A: Ethan K, Hugo D, Riley T

Crazy Hair Day

Before everybody buzzed off for the school holidays, things went a little crazy here at KPS!
What an amazing, fun-filled display of colour and creativity that was spread throughout our school for Crazy Hair Day!

Everything from bees 🐝, cupcakes 🧁, mermaids 🧜‍♀️, and octopuses 🐙, to rainbow colours 🌈, spikes⚡️and twists🌪️,and so much more, were on full display during our whole school parade in the gym.

We were even treated to some impromptu singing! How awesome were those brave junior students taking over the mic?! 🎤

The accompanying music was a sneak peek into what will be heard during our school concert next term. 🎶

Congratulations to Kenzy (seniors) and Tamikah (juniors) for the best crazy hair designs! 🏆

A great, big THANK YOU to all the parents and carers who must’ve woken up very early to get some of those children ready! 👍🏻


Nuts about Numbers!

Welcome to our new section in the newsletter “Nuts about Numbers”! Each fortnight we will have a problem solving task that families can work together on to solve.

Drop in your completed answer with your family name and class on there and go into the draw to win a $20 Coles voucher each fortnight!

This fortnight’s problem comes from the farm where there is some sheep and hens!

You can answer the problem anyway you like drawings, mathematical calculations etc!

Get your answers in by Friday 4th of August.

The winner will be announced at assembly on Friday the 11th of August.

Concert Update

Tickets are selling fast – book online

Don’t miss out!

We are so excited to see such strong ticket sales in just the very first week of our school concert 'True Colours' being on sale! Thank you to everyone who has purchased tickets so far!

So, what exactly is 'True Colours' about... well, without giving too much away....

True Colours is a heartfelt tribute to the beautiful diversity of our friends and family on the autism spectrum. Join us as we celebrate and embrace the unique qualities of individuals who may find it challenging to express emotions and connect with others. 

Our main character, Wren, will embark on a remarkable journey through a world full of vibrant personalities, despite feeling different and subdued. With the unwavering support of friends and the love of family, Wren discovers a safe space to unravel the complexities of her emotions and personality.

Guided by a wise Spirit, Wren and her colourful companions venture into the enchanting Dark Forest. Along the way, she uncovers the profound truth that her personality, her 'true colours' are beautiful - like a rainbow.

Tickets are now on sale 

(Please note, KPS students do not require a ticket)



Working Bee –
Next week!

Props and Costumes: Thursday 27th July – after school

Come along and help us make some of the simple costumes and accessories as well as props for the show. Please bring your sewing machine (if you have one), glue gun, paint brushes, tools and willing hands.


Grade 5/6 Teeball

Our Grade 5/6 Teeball teams competed at the Northern Peninsula Championships On Monday, July 17th, our 5/6 Teeball teams competed at the Northern Peninsula Championships. It was some hard competition but our teams improved in every innings they played. Some amazing catches, great batting, and just all round great teamwork was on display. Well Done to both our teams!!


Build Update

Our build is progressing although very slowly. Check out some pics and see the plans.

We are a Community

Our Community at Karingal Primary School

Karingal Primary School represents a community that creates an environment that welcomes everyone and encourages connections and friendships. We are a school community that embraces our students, parents, carers, staff, volunteers, and anyone that enters our school. We greet everyone with a friendly smile and ensure we always represent our school values with Respect, Integrity, Persistence, Resilience, and Relationships.

As we stand together as one, there are many families in our community that stand alone. 

So we are asking our school community that if you see someone standing alone, or going through something that is challenging reach out to them, and more importantly ask them if they are okay.

As a school community, it is about building positive relationships and creating an environment that is safe and welcoming. Your mental health and wellbeing are important to us and we want our community to feel a sense of belonging. 

Additionally, if you need to talk to someone, or need a little extra support contact our Primary Welfare Officer or speak to one of our caring and supportive Karingal Primary School staff members. 


Everyone is welcomed at Karingal Families Connect!

Karingal Primary School
Joanne Devota-Rando
Primary Welfare Officer
(03) 9789 0514

Mental Health Resources and Community Services:

NAIDOC Week 2023

During NAIDOC Week a number of our families and staff participated in activities      


NAPLAN results for students were released on Monday 17 July 2023. I’m writing to inform you of some changes to this year’s reporting. These are changes being introduced nationally by the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA).

NAPLAN will continue to measure student achievement in numeracy, reading, writing, spelling, and grammar and punctuation but the results will now be presented in 4 proficiency levels.

These are:

· exceeding

· strong

· developing

· needs additional support.

This change will give schools, parents and carers clearer information that details student achievement against new proficiency levels.

Students’ NAPLAN reports will continue to show how they are tracking against their peers and provide an indication of their skill levels against national averages and where we would expect them to be in order to get the most out of schooling. This provides valuable information to teachers about how we can continue to support your child.

Each set of NAPLAN results is an important milestone but it’s also important that students know that one result does not define them – these results are about making sure every student gets the support they need so they can continue to get the best from their learning.

As ever, you’re welcome to speak to me, or your child’s teacher with any questions about these changes.

Samantha Cooke
Principal (Acting)

Upcoming Events: July/August 2023

Please make sure you are aware of the following events and your child/ren have signed permission forms and monies paid (if needed).