Karingal News 02/06/23


Principal's (Acting) News 2nd June, 2023

Dear Parents/Carers

Education Week
Last week we celebrated Education Week. It was a WONDERFUL week full of exciting activities and events. We began the week with every student creating a hexagon displaying how they contribute to ‘our hive’. When you get a chance please see the display outside the computer room. On Tuesday, we walked to school with some members of the Frankston Police. It was a lovely morning to walk. Thank you to Miss G for organising this and the Frankston Police for joining us. On Wednesday, we were visited by Sean who spoke about indigenous plants and taught us how to light a fire. Education Afternoon was a hive of activity with families buzzing around the classrooms and completing activities for their ‘bee pass’. Congratulations to Jessica F (34B) for being the prize winner. We finished Education Week on Friday with an African drumming incursion and special assembly. Thank you to Mary for organising the fun day.

I would like to thank all students, staff and parents/carers for celebrating and joining in our Education Week. It is always very special to celebrate and acknowledge the amazing education we provide to our students at Karingal Primary School.

Voice Forum in Seaford
On Sunday May 21st, students braved the cold, wet morning and early start for a Sunday to attend the Voice Forum in Seaford. Peta Murphy (Member for Dunkley) and Linda Burney (Minister for Indigenous Australians) both mentioned our students and the unique flag design on our uniforms. Linda commented that she thought it was a great idea. At the end our students were requested to go up to meet both politicians and discuss the uniform. Thank you to the students (Nathan, Elijah, William, Scarlet, Skyla and Chrissy) for representing our school.

Student Free Day

On Wednesday, we had our student free day for the term. Teachers were busy analysing assessments and writing reports.

Reports will be handed out to students on Thursday 22nd June. If you would like to discuss anything with your child’s class teacher, please see them directly to organise a time.

Parent/teacher/student conferences will be held in Term 3.

Mornington Peninsula Choral Festival
Last night, our Glee Club performed at the Mornington Peninsula Choral Festival. It was lovely to see and hear our Glee Club perform three songs to end the festival. Thank you to the Glee Club students and parents for taking the time to represent our school. Also thank you to Mary and Helen James for the time and enthusiasm they put into Glee Club.

School Review
Yesterday, we started our School Review with the Review Panel. This involved speaking to students, observing classrooms and analysing data. The day went very well and has set us up for the next two review days.
On Friday 6th June, the Review Panel would like to speak with parents/carers. If you are available 2.30-3.15pm on Friday 6th June, please come and take the opportunity to speak to the Review Panel.

Smile Squad
Smile Squad will be visiting Karingal Primary School at the beginning of Term 3. This is a free dental service for ALL students. Smile Squad has made the shift to online consent forms. QR code information will be supplied towards the end of term for you to register your child/ren.

Take Care

Samantha Cooke
Principal (Acting)

Assembly Awards Term 2 Weeks 4 and 5

Thank you to all award recipients for the contributions you are making to our school.
Classroom Awards
Congratulations to the following students who received a classroom award in the last two weeks:

  • Evie and Isaac (PA)
  • Shelby and Nathanael (P1A)
  • Bentleigh, Charlie, Osman and Gus (12A)
  • Lachlan (34A)
  • Scarlet (34B)
  • Topaz, Evah, Powrel and Roo (56B)


Congratulations to Josh (M3A) for receiving the RIPRR award.
Josh received the award for asking for help when needed and displaying positive self regulation strategies.


Education Week

This year’s theme is ‘Active Learners: Move, Make, Motivate’
The hive 🐝 was well and truly buzzing with activity on Wednesday May 24th!

The theme celebrates physical activity, hands-on learning and student voice in education

Our colony members buzzed around to each of our classrooms where they had to complete some task as part of Education Week Celebrations of move, make and motivate!

Thank you to our amazing teachers who came up with some creative ways to incorporate our 2023 motto “The Buzz - A Hive of activity” into the theme for education week!

We had:

Bee 🐝 unique
Bee 🐝 curious
Bee 🐝 calm
Bee 🐝 long
Bee 🐝 yourself
Bee 🐝 creative
Bee 🐝 a thinker
Bee 🐝 lieve in yourself
Bee 🐝 happy
Bee 🐝 kind
Bee 🐝 tuneful

Thank you to our amazing community who came along and created a buzz in all of our classrooms!


Walk Safely to School

Frankston Police met the students of Karingal Primary School on Tuesday 23rd May to assist them with 'Walk Safely to School Day'. Check out our hive of students, teachers and carers walking safely to school with members from Frankston Police Station.

A huge THANK YOU to First Constable Rhodes, Senior Constable Barnes and Acting Sergeant Trinder for coming along to walk safely to school with us and to Acting Sergeant Healy for organising members to come and walk with us.

Thank you to our fantastic hive members for coming along and walking to school with us!

The annual day encourages students to become more active and to also ensure they get to school safely (and on time 😀)

With some time to spare the Police members were more than happy to have a quick game of basketball before the bell rang. 🏀🕘🔔

This is the second year in a row Frankston Police have participated in the Walk to School Day with Karingal Primary School.


African Drumming

To conclude Education Week we had an African Drumming Incursion
After a trip around the globe exploring different music, instruments, and cultural dress, it was time to have a turn at playing our own djembe.

The students quickly learned the traditional rhythm and it sounded incredible.

How can something be so energising but so relaxing at the same time?!


Japanese Day: June 15th

We are celebrating Japanese culture with a fun Japanese Day. Students will participate in a variety of activities and can order a sushi lunch!

Reconciliation Week Flag Raising

Flag raising for Reconciliation Week at Nairm Marr Djambana

A number of our students, (Nathan, Elijah, William and Tamikah), attended the flag raising ceremony at Nairm Marr Djambana for the start of Reconciliation Week. 

Nathan, Elijah and William were given the privileged task of raising a flag along with an elder supporting each student. 

All students should be very proud of the amazing job they did in representing our school.




Voluntary Contributions and CSEF

Voluntary Payments

Karingal Primary School provides students with free instruction to fulfil the standard curriculum requirements and we want to assure you that all contributions are voluntary.

Nevertheless, the ongoing support of our families ensures that our school can offer the best possible education and support for our students. 

If you are able to pay your voluntary school contribution, can you please do so at the office. This would be much appreciated.

We want to thank you for all your support, whether that is through fundraising or volunteering your time. This has made a huge difference to our school and the programs we can offer.

A reminder that if you have not already applied for CSEF for this year, could you please do so now. Applications close at the end of Term 2.

A current health care card is required to apply for this.
Please contact the school office should you require any assistance.

Class Attendance: EVERY DAY COUNTS Weeks 4 and 5

Each day of school missed makes a difference, with the effect on learning accumulating over time. From an early age, if children are taught that they need to 'show up' for school and make a commitment, this positive mentality aids academic and career success and brings benefits in adulthood.

Term 2

Class Attendance Week 4 Winners: 34B and 56A

Class Attendance Week 5 Winners: M12

Please be mindful of your children having 'casual days' away from school.


Peninsula Choir Festival

We could not be prouder of our wonderful Glee Club “The Parrwangs” and their amazing performance last night at the Peninsula Choir Festival 🎶

There were a few nerves before they went on stage but you would never have known once they started singing and performing, representing Karingal Primary School with pride and passion! ⭐️

A huge thank you to our amazing Performing Arts teacher Mary for always going above and beyond for our students 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Parrwang Lifts the Sky

Cloudy Day - Tones and I

Count on me - Bruno Mars

Upcoming Events: June 2023

Please make sure you are aware of the following events and your child/ren have signed permission forms and monies paid (if needed).
DayEventStudents Involved
Friday 9th JuneP-2 Mad About Science IncursionP-2 students
Monday 12th JuneKings Birthday HolidayWhole School
Wednesday 14th JuneRegional Cross CountrySelected students
Thursday 15th JuneJapanese DayWhole School
Friday 23rd JuneTerm 2 finishes @ 2.30pmWhole School