THANK YOU – A message to every parent and carer

  • Thank you for supporting your child in their remote learning, especially when you may not be sure yourself.
  • Thank you for the encouragement you are giving your child when they are attempting something different in their learning.



  • Thank you for reaching out to us and discussing the challenges, so that we can help support you through.
  • Thank you for showing patience when tackling the challenges technology can throw your way.
  • Thank you for everything you are doing to support your family and keeping them safe, during these tough times.
  • Thank you for your ongoing support of our teachers, staff and school, knowing that we are working very hard in the support of our amazing students and our wonderful school community.

We know that all of you, our parents and carers, are doing your absolute best in these difficult times. The most important message we can give is “you’ve got this”! Be kind to yourselves and remember to look after yourself and hug your kids.

Thank you to all our teachers and education support staff who are doing an amazing job of setting up the engaging remote learning activities, the WebEx meetings, the technical support and the emotional welfare support where and when it is required.

Our Community – students, parents, carers, staff working together!